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SALEM: The House of Seven Gables

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I recently went to Salem, Massachusetts, and had a chance to visit the House of Seven Gables.

Points of interests:

Colonial home from the Puritan period was considered the first large home or mansion built in New England back in 1668.

It was built for Captain Turner and then acquired by Captain Samuel Ingersoll. Thus the home is called the Turner-Ingersoll Mansion. It was built in stages; adding, removing, then adding back parts of the house with it's 7 gables up through 1908!

Interesting point:

New England's origins and architecture are from settlers who came from England for their own religious freedom thus creating "Puritan" communities. Puritan means "the godly". This home was built not too long after the Puritan migration from England!

I'm at the front door. Notice it's simplicity. The Puritans sought to distinguish themselves from adornment and elaborate appearances.

This door (above) studded with nails and scribed shows the talent of the skilled craftsmen and blacksmiths of that era.

Interesting points:

The fabrics and embroidery were often the most valuable inventory items!

The canopy bed was designed to protect those sleeping from dirt, bugs, and rat droppings that often fell through he cracks of the ceilings. The origin of canopy bed dates back to 13th century Europe. Also, the bed drapery was for warmth and privacy most commonly used by Royalty.

The adage "Don't let the bed bugs bite...." came from the small bugs that ran along the ropes the straw mattresses were supported on. They would get inside the mattresses and draw blood on their prey.

The 'Secret Staircase' by the kitchen fireplace was added in the early 20th Century to add mystery and relationship to "the Scarlet Letter" where it was stated to have a secret passageway.

Nathaniel Hawthorne's Birthplace. He was the cousin to Susanna Ingersoll, heir to the house after her father and her brother perished at sea. Nathaniel came to live with Susanna and wrote 'The Scarlett Letter' in the House of Seven Gables.

Here's Michael outside of the house pretending he's a captain at sea using my light fixture as beacon in the fog!


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